Drilling the Manual of Methods, Applications and Management

The contents of the Manual relate to the Mineral Exploration, Water Well, Geotechnical, Environmental & Foundation/Construction sectors of the industry. It is designed to enable the reader to gain knowledge not only in what to do, but how and why a task is performed. It is a reference publication. The Drilling Manual Fifth Edition updates this work.


Diamond Drilling Handbook W. F. Heinz 4th Edition 2009

A hands-on ready reference for the diamond driller in the fundamental retrieval of core samples which provide the solid evidence in the determination of ore bodies. Covers the what, the why and the how.


Drilling – A Career With a Difference (DVD)

To provide information to potential new employees with a broad insight into the job and where it fits in the mining, agriculture and construction sectors. Produced by the ADIA.


Well Control Maths for Coal Seam Gas – CD

This CD is designed for people who are working in the coal seam gas (CSG) drilling industry who would like a better understanding of the mathematics used to control wells and prevent blowouts. The same principle is used in the oil and gas drilling industry, though at different depths. The resource may be a foundation for undertaking Well Control courses offered by IADC/IWCF.

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