Government Funded Programs

A simple explanation of how funding and funded courses work.

Where the money comes from

Funding to support industry training courses and/or assessment towards the award of a qualification is allocated from time to time by both Commonwealth and State/Territory governments.


  • is always granted subject to certain conditions,
  • usually for a fixed period of time, and
  • these change according to the current priorities of the Commonwealth or State government.

Some of the funding comes from the Commonwealth to the states to administer, and the states need to echo the guideline requirements for that.  At this time , due to very significant changes in education policy about the funding of vocational education and training at Commonwealth level, there is no clear funding structure available.  ADITC will update this information as update occurs.

Other funding is allocated by a state/territory to meet the state/territory’s skills requirements or policy guidelines.  States create a priority list of needed skills and qualifications, and allocate funded places according to this list.

How funded courses work

At this time there is an increasing focus on the individual being the applicant, or the company which wants to access training for its employees managing the funding (rather than the training organisation managing the funding and offering places, as in the past).

ADITC offers all the qualifications available to drilling industry personnel.  People who want to use their funding for drilling training or qualifications can contact us for help.

If other funding opportunities come up, we will advertise them in on our website in our blog, issue our newsletter or email information.


The Drilling industry qualifications for offsiders and drillers can be gained through traineeships (drilling doesn’t have apprenticeships).  Traineeship funding targets new employees who need to learn industry skills for the job in which they are employed.

Traineeship funding is ongoing at this time.

ADITC can assist you with traineeships for your personnel. Please contact us.

ADITC provides the DICAT course which contains all the theory components needed for in-company training in a traineeship, and assists with assessors to complete the assessment required for the award of the qualification. Click here for more information.

The National Traineeship information can be found on , or call 13 38 73 for more information and for specific details for each state/territory.