Verification of Competence (VOCs)

ADITC provides Verification of Competence (VOCs) as one of our services to the drilling industry. We can do this for drilling rigs of most types. ADITC will organise a rapid and professional response when you contact us.

  • Company provides
    • initial information about your rig related to the VOC
    • applicants’ names and photos
    • site access for assessment to occur
    • provides a questionnaire for the applicant ahead of time
    • carries out professional site assessment promptly using appropriately registered assessors
    • gives you the records and maintains the audit record for future reference
  • You will have
    • VOC statement,card and record for each successful applicant which shows applicant as competent in the context (not just able to turn the machine on and off)
    • a professional, fast, thorough VOC with full records for company and applicant to withstand audit

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A bit more information about the process for VOC assessment and issue

  • The company contacts ADITC and requests VOC assessment. The company will need to provide
    • a detail of the machine relevant to the VOC
    • a picture of your machine where the whole machine is visible from the side
    • a picture of the control panel/s
  •  ADITC will provide an application form.
  • Each applicant will need to provide
    • A completed application form
    • a photo ID (scanned copy)
    • a photo for use in creating their ID card. This can be emailed to indicating company name, and the name of the applicant.
  •  ADITC generates an assessment questionnaire relevant to the task to be completed by each applicant prior to site assessment. (This may take us a day to create as it’s for your rig.)
  • Each applicant will need to fill part of this out.
  • ADITC carries out a site assessment of applicants utilising an appropriately skilled assessor (who is also registered by the ADITC RTO to carry out AQTF assessment with relevant units of competence). A technical expert may sometimes be used to support assessment outcomes if deemed advisable. This process will complete the assessment questionnaire commenced by the applicant and if successful will recommend issue of a VOC.
  • Where a successful VOC occurs, ADITC issues for each applicant:
    • A numbered statement of Verification of Competence which indicates coverage of VOC at the time of assessment, valid for three years
    • A plastic photo  ID card which indicates holder of VOC and date of birth, date of issue and expiry, document number, coverage of VOC and areas of competence at the time of assessment
    • A copy of the full assessment record covering theory and practical assessment, signed by applicant, assessor and if necessary technical expert for their records.
  • The  full Assessment record and copy of VOC  is provided for the individual’s and employer’s file
  •  ADITC retains a register of issued VOCs.

ADITC can on request provide:

  • either a VOC alone, or
  • a VOC plus a Statement of Attainment of the relevant unit/s from the RII training Package. This is a separate but concurrent process if agreed with the company.

About VOCs and qualifications:
A VOC is not the same as a qualification. VOCs refer to competent equipment use, and may be required by a contract principal. Qualifications are a nationally-recognised broader description about all the skills and knowledge a person holds to do an industry role at a certain level (eg being a driller) A Statement of Attainment is a nationally-recognised part of a qualification. A VOC can form part of the evidence for a qualification.

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