Past Drilling Qualifications

Australian National Qualifications Framework for Drilling – History.

The Training Packages for the Drilling Industry – Background to DRT98, DRT03, R1109 and RII

Competency Standards and Qualifications Framework for the Australian Drilling Industry are formally referred to as the Training Package for the Drilling Industry. These standards and the associated qualifications represent the industry’s opportunity to recognise the skills, knowledge and lifelong experience of personnel in all sectors of the industry and award a qualification. Funding for the development and review was provided by both the Commonwealth and industry


The first set of units of competence and qualifications was formalised in 1998, called DRT98.  These were reviewed over time and revised and published as DRT03 in November 2003.  The standards were developed from industry contributed materials and consultation steered by a panel of industry personnel from each sector, representing all the sectors, states and New Zealand. The standards had to pass a rigorous national process involving industry consultation in each state and the endorsement of state and commonwealth departments of vocational education and training.

Previously people with a lifetime’s experience couldn’t have any formal recognition of it all.  Additionally the industry is ‘greying’ and this is part of an industry-wide strategy to attract and recognise new entrants to an unsung but strategic industry that makes a major contribution to the nation in tough circumstances. The Australian Drilling Industry is the international leader in all its sectors. We took the initiative of having drilling industry qualifications negotiated as common across Australia and New Zealand, the first industry to do so.

The qualifications were made up by combining standards that are common to all sectors, with standards that are sector-specific and standards which describe the skills and knowledge required for a range of methods of drilling. This is a deliberate industry strategy to assist individuals to move from sector to sector as times and interests change and to enable companies to readily employ them.

DRT98 List of qualifications.pdf


In November 2003 the Training Package Review was completed and the standards endorsed by the national and state training authorities and state and federal Ministers of Vocational Education and Training. The Training Package for the drilling industry is called DRT03.  From November 2004, only DRT03 qualifications were issued. The Trenchless Technology sector became part of DRT03.

DRT03 List of qualifications.pdf


In 2009 a major review was done at Commonwealth Government request of a number of training packages in the resources industries (quarrying and construction materials, coal mining, metaliferous mining, civil construction and drilling). These were endorsed in mid 2009 and are known as RII09. All Drilling Industry qualifications were issued under RII09 from July 2010.

RII09 List of qualifications.pdf

RII09 List of units by qualification.pdf


In 2012-13 a further and extensive review was carried out over the same group of resources industries: quarrying and construction materials, coal mining, metaliferous mining, civil construction and drilling, and published as the endorsed RII training package in Sept 2013. In RII, Well Workover became part of RII.

RII List of qualifications.pdf

Mapping of DRT98 and DRT03, and relationship of qualifications

Qualifications issued under DRT98 and DRT03 remain valid.

However, as of 1st November, 2004, only DRT03 qualifications were issued. As from July 2010, only RII09 qualifications may be issued.

From DRT98 to DRT03 there were changes to the standards which make up the qualifications. The mapping document listed below shows the relationship between DRT98 standards and the DRT03 standards.

In both DRT98 and DRT03, qualifications were issued for sectors of the drilling industry.

The mapping document listed below shows the relationship between DRT98 standards and the DRT03 standards to help companies make this decision and determine the scope of work they may require.

The primary changes between DRT98 and DRT03 were
* the introduction of the ‘method’ units of competence (eg assist mud rotary drilling; conduct mud rotary drilling) which replaced the single unit on drilling operations
* the introduction of a new sector, trenchless technology
* some update of technical requirements within units

People wanting to update from DRT98 to DRT03 needed to demonstrate evidence against the ‘method’ units, to provide updated evidence of current work, current first aid or other safety requirements and current versions of any ‘tickets’ or licences required to practice, which demonstrate that the person is permitted to work.

Mapping of DRT98 and DRT03.pdf

Mapping of units of competency from DRT03 to RII09

As part of the development of the RII09 Training Package, Skills DMC as the managing body developed a mapping table which shows the relationship between units from DRT03 and units from RII09. This 400 pages document is held at ADTIC, for reference please call us or email

Mapping of units of competency from RII09 to RII (2013)

Please find below the mapping of qualifications from RII09 to RII training package:

Mapping of RII09 and RII.pdf