DICAT Trenchless (HDD) Edition External Study Program

This course received the 2015 International Award for HDD Training from the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT).


ADITC offers the DICAT course, with modules and assessment tailored specifically for those working in the Trenchless HDD drilling sector. This course meets all requirements of knowledge for the formal national trade qualifications, and with site assessment the course provides the underpinning knowledge for Certificate II in Drilling Operations and Certificate III in Drilling Operations required by energy suppliers and NBN.

The course is revised regularly to keep up with technical industry changes and new training requirements.

The DICAT Course has developed a reputation as a very successful method of training for drilling industry personnel, and is widely recognised throughout Australia and overseas since its development in the early 1980’s.

It is the only training course available by distance learning to people working in the trenchless (HDD) sector of the drilling industry and is aligned to the national competency standards, providing the theoretical knowledge components required to gain formal qualifications. Each set of modules is aligned to the respective Certificate level and the tasks required for that occupational classification.

DICAT modules  Called  With your modules you also receive  DICAT outcome  This component     provides the underpinning knowledge to apply for national qualification  Job name in the industry
Modules 1 – 3 Set 1

The Drilling Manual (>700 page hard copy reference)

Study guide: How to succeed at distance learning

A guide to mentoring,  for your supervisor

Pen, magnet, folder 

Assessment Tasks (soft or hard copy)

Email/ phone assistance

DICAT Certificate of achievement for successfully completing these modules

Utility worker, or

new to the industry

Modules 4 – 6A



(Module 6A provides sector specialisation)

Set 2

CD – Methods of Drilling toolbox

Reference: Aids to Survival 


Tasks (soft or hard copy)

DICAT Certificate of achievement for successfully completing these modules

Certificate II in Drilling


Eligible to complete practical onsite assessment for Cert II qualification at this point

Driller’s assistant

Modules  7 – 11A



(Module 11A provides sector specialisation)

Set 3

Assessment tasks (soft or hard copy)

Additional folder

DICAT Certificate of achievement for successfully completing these modules

Certificate III in Drilling 

Eligible to complete practical onsite assessment for Cert III qualification at this point

Modules 12 – 14 Set 4

Assessment tasks (soft or hard copy)

Discounted access to face to face training course

DICAT Certificate of achievement for successfully completing these modules Certificate IV in Drilling Senior driller

Once you’ve completed the DICAT course and gained experience on-site you will then be ready for the practical assessment which your employer can arrange for you in order to achieve the full qualification. You do not need to be employed in drilling in order to commence study in the DICAT course as the materials contain all the learning tools you need in order to complete your book work.

Why choose DICAT? 

  • Industry developed, industry based training provided by an industry body.
  • Proof of training based on industry skill requirements against Australian national competency standards
  • Gain a broad understanding of the industry as well as specific knowledge for your sector of drilling. The course provides ways to specialise in the sector you work in.
  • Current WHS&E and technical requirements, regularly revised
  • Apply newly acquired knowledge on-the job, as you learn so that site work actually becomes part of your training procedure
  • You can study at times that suit you. It can be done during site down time, or in your own time. Progress at your own pace with swift return of marked modules
  • Practice what you learn using the “test yourself” sections
  • Assessment tasks are available in soft copy to type into or hard copy to write on
  • DICAT utilises The Drilling Manual as a reference and you will have your own copy of the “drillers’ bible” from day 1.
  • Support during the course is only a phone call or an email away and you receive immediate feedback on your progress
  • Excellent structured support for new employees, without interruption to the job. Costly rig shut-downs avoided as employees do not have to leave the site to undertake the course.
  • Flexible purchase and enrolment options – enrol at any time
  • You can purchase per set, but registering for a group of sets at the same time represents a cost saving
 Course contents (per module):
1. Introducing the Drilling Industry and Drilling Methods.
2. Workplace Health, Safety and Environment
3. Working Effectively in the Drilling Industry
4. Mobilising, Setting Up and Packing Up
5. Supporting the Drilling Process
6.  Assisting Drilling Methods
6A. Assisting Trenchless Drilling Methods
7. Geology and Mapping for Drillers
8. Running Onsite Operations
 9. Rig Mechanics and Operational Maintenance
10. Hole Stabilisation and Design
11. Conducting Drilling Applications and Drilling Methods
11A. Conducting Trenchless Drilling Methods
12. Overcoming Complex Down the Hole Problems
13. Rig and Crew Supervision and Management
14. Maintaining compliant and effective operations

Course Assessment 

Each module contains “Test Yourself” sections for practice, and at the end of each section you will find aTask sheet (assessment) which you will send back to us for marking. The assessment tasks are designed to assist you to revise the material in the books and to begin to apply your knowledge in the field.

You will receive 

  • Drilling, the Manual of Methods, Applications & Management (615 page hardback book)
  • Module Workbooks with additional, current information and illustrations
  • A guide to Mentoring for your supervisor
  • Study Guide: How to Succeed at Distance Learning
  • Task assignments for each module
  • CD—DRT03 Drilling (Methods of Drilling Toolbox 706)
  • Folders that build up to a knowledge base and source of reference
  • Pen & Magnet
  • Feedback sheets for each module.
  • Aids to Survival
  • Contact Details for Course Assessor for your immediate support
  • Certificates of Achievement upon completion of each set
  • Certificate of Completion on finishing
  • Advice & support to gain your National Qualifications

Mapping to new RII units of competency (per module)

1        Introduction to the Drilling Industry and Drilling Methods
Preparation for module 6

2.      Following Workplace Health, Safety and Environment Procedures
RIIWHS201D        Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
RIIRIS201D         Conduct local risk control
RIIENV201D         Identify and assess environmental and heritage concerns
RIISAM202D        Isolate and access plant
RIIERR202D         Contribute to the control of emergencies and critical situations
RIIERR301D         Respond to mine incident

3.      Work effectively in the Drilling Industry
RIICOM201D       Communicate in the workplace
RIIHAN213D        Work effectively in the drilling industry
BSBWOR203B      Work effectively with others

4.      Mobilise, Set Up and Pack Up
RIINHB201D        Load, secure and unload drilling equipment and materials
RIIVEH305D        Operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle
RIIHAN206D        Transport plant, equipment and personnel
RIINHB202D        Set up / pack up drill site

5.      Supporting the Drilling Process
RIINHB203D        Support drilling process
RIINHB218D        Assist grouting or cementing operations
RIISTD202D        Collect routine site samples

6.      Assisting Drilling Methods (depends on topics completed)
RIINHB205D        Assist continuous flight auger drilling
RIINHB206D        Assist large diameter auger drilling
RIINHB208D        Assist diamond core drilling
RIINHB209D        Assist guided boring
RIINHB210D        Assist surface directional drilling
RIINHB211D        Assist mud rotary drilling
RIINHB213D        Assist cable tool drilling
RIINHB219D        Assist with air drilling

6A.      Assisting Trenchless Drilling Methods
RIINHB217D        Assist horizontal directional drilling

7.      Geology for drillers
Preparation for module 11

8.      Set Up, Prepare and Run On-Site Operations
RIINHB301D        Set up and prepare for drilling operations
RIIBEF301D         Run on-site operations
TAEDEL301A      Provide work skill instruction
BSBWHS301D    Maintain work place safety

9.      Rig Mechanics and Operational Maintenance
RIISAM209D        Carry out operational maintenance
RIISAM215D        Carry out drilling industry operational maintenance

10.    Hole stabilization and design
Preparation for module 11 and 12

11.    Conduct Drilling Applications and Methods (depends on topics completed)
RIINHB302D        Conduct reaming
RIINHB303D        Install product pipe
RIINHB304D        Conduct air drilling
RIINHB305D        Conduct continuous flight auger drilling
RIINHB306D        Conduct large diameter auger drilling
RIINHB307D        Conduct conventional core drilling
RIINHB308D        Conduct wireline core drilling
RIINHB309D        Conduct guided boring
RIINHB310D        Conduct surface directional drilling
RIINHB311D        Conduct mud rotary drilling
RIINHB312D        Conduct raise boring
RIINHB313D        Conduct cable tool drilling
RIINHB315D        Conduct top-hole hammer drilling
RIINHB320D        Construct monitoring bores
RIINHB325D        Construct and complete single aquifer production bores
RIINHB322D        Construct multiple aquifer production bores
RIINHB323D        Conduct horizontal directional drilling

11A.    Conducting trenchless drilling methods
RIIBEF301D         Run on-site operations

12.    Overcoming Complex Down the Hole Problems
RIIBEF401D         Manage non-routine complex technical situations
RIIOGD405D       Carry out well and blowout prevention
and part of the technical knowledge base of the units:
RIIBEF402D         Supervise On-site Operations
RIIBEF402D         Maintain operating records

13.    Rig and Crew Management
RIINHB401D        Plan and supervise mobilisation of equipment, crew and materials
BSBWHS401A      Implement and monitor WHS policies
BSBMGT401A     Show leadership in the workplace
BSBMGT402A     Implement operational plan
RIIBEF402D         Supervise on-site operations

13.    Rig and Crew Management
RIINHB401D        Plan and supervise the mobilisation of equipment, crew and materials
BSBWHS401A      Implement and monitor WHS policies
BSBMGT401A      Show leadership in the workplace
BSBMGT402A      Implement operational plan
RIIBEF402D        Supervise on-site operations (part)
BSBLED401         Develop teams and Individuals
RIICOM201D       Communicate in the workplace

14.    Maintaining Compliant and effective operations

BSBCUS401B    Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
BSBWHS401     Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet
.                      legislative requirements,
RIIENV402D     Implement and monitor environmental policies,
RIIERR401D     Apply and monitor surface operations emergency preparedness and
.                      response systems
RIIQUA401D     Apply a quality management system on site
RIIRIS401D      Apply site risk management system
RIISAM401D     Apply site plant, equipment and infrastructure maintenance management plan


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