Industry Body FAQs

Many frequently asked questions are answered in our Information Sheets.

These are some others:

Do you have to be a member of ADITC to use ADITC services?

No. ADITC is an industry body that exists to help personnel in the drilling industry with matters to do with training, qualifications and anything related to vocational (work-based) training for drilling. Our services and advice are available to individuals, companies or clients of the drilling industry.

How is ADITC funded?

ADITC receives payment for services to the drilling industry or others requiring advice about the drilling industry. We are a not-for-profit industry body. We bid for relevant project funding for the development of needed industry resources, from Commonwealth or state/territory governments or from industry sources. Our Board and Full Committee members are not paid, but work in a voluntary capacity. Our industry is quite altruistic – that is, its members often work to support others in the industry for the overall benefit of the industry as a whole. This means we have access to high-quality information at controlled cost.

Does ADITC have sponsors?

ADITC seeks sponsorship to develop resources which can be used by drilling personnel or companies. We appreciate and recognise the contribution of sponsors in the development of training courses, training resources and reference materials for the drilling industry.

Is ADITC a government body? Does it have government recognition?

ADITC is not a government body, and never has been. We have our industry’s recognition as the recognised body in our field and thus have the authority to speak for our industry in vocational matters. We have the recognition of government as our industry’s authority in our field. We participate from time to time government reference or steering committees in our areas of expertise. We have applied for and received funding from government to carry out certain services, but are not and have never been funded by government to maintain our organisation

Do I have to have a national qualification to work in the drilling industry in Australia?

People are not currently required to hold a Certificate III (or other qualification from the AQTF) to work in the industry except where required by the employer, by client demand, or where regulation makes it the simplest way to demonstrate competence, as for example in Queensland where to work in Coal Seam Gas companies must demonstrate competence of their personnel. However many companies require personnel to undertake a qualification so that they are confident that their employees are competent for the work required.

Traineeships are available in our industry, and are one path to a qualification. You do not have to be enrolled in a traineeship to gain a qualification, or to work. People can enrol directly if they want to. They can also seek recognition of their existing industry-relevant skills for the award of a national qualification. Cert III is the trade level, as is standard. We don’t have apprenticeships in the drilling industry.

Waterwell drillers do, however, require a licence or permit to practice.

Waterwell drillers can also have a qualification as well as a licence, and the licence contributes to their qualification.