Chief Executive Officer: Virginia Hilliard

Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee (ADITC) is a not-for-profit industry organisation that exists to improve the skills and professionalism of the drilling industry. ADITC was formed in 1978, and has been in continuous operation ever since.

ADITC formally represents all sectors of the Drilling Industry in matters related to vocational training and qualifications. We have national responsibility to the industry for the direction of industry training and qualifications for the Drilling Industry in Australia.

ADITC is an industry committee to which all the peak organisations for drilling provide formally–proposed Representative Membership of their Chairmen or Presidents, and there are Ordinary Members at the most senior level of industry with specific areas of expertise from all the sectors of the drilling industry.

Member organisations:

  • Australian Drilling Industry Association
  • Australian Workers’ Union
  • Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology
  • International Association of Drilling Contractors – Australasian Chapter
  • National Uniform Driller Licensing Committee
  • Piling and Foundation Specialists Federation

All industry associations and bodies with strategic interest in the drilling industry in Australia are invited to join the Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee Ltd.

We are part of the drilling industry, and we specialize in and focus only on drilling.

We provide a number of services to support national waterwell driller licensing, including developing and holding national driller licensing examinations, providing supportive and relevant training courses and chairing the National Uniform Driller Licensing Committee.

We are trusted as a provider of formal, national qualifications and short courses in drilling and maintain a rigorous standard. We have a Registered Training Organisation to help our industry achieve professional standards. It is the only registered training organisation which provides qualifications at all levels and for all sectors of the drilling industry in all states, and overseas. Contact us for easy information about getting national Australian drilling qualifications.

We also provide technical and training-related reference resources.

ADITC supports all drilling sectors: Blast hole drilling; Coal seam gas drilling Environmental drilling; Foundation/construction drilling; Geotechnical drilling; Geothermal drilling; Horizontal directional drilling; Mineral exploration drilling; Mineral production drilling; Oil and gas drilling, offshore; Oil and gas drilling, onshore; Raiseboring; Seismic drilling; Trenchless technology; Waterwell drilling.

Our vision for our industry is

  • An established industry culture that provides and maintains a competent, skilled and safe workforce with options for national credentials, to support an internationally competitive Australian Drilling Industry, across all sectors of the industry.
  • Public awareness of the Drilling Industry as a professional, well-trained, safe and strategic industry with a range of skills areas.

Contact us

ADITC is based in Sydney, Australia in the suburb of Lane Cove. We can be reached:

Within Australia by phone: (02) 9428 3444 / fax: (02) 9428 3555
Outside Australia by phone: +61 2 9428 3444 / fax: +61 2 9428 3555

By email on office@aditc.com.au

By post at ADITC Ltd, PO Box 742, Lane Cove, NSW 2066 Australia.