This section provides simple information about how the Australian qualifications structure works, and about how funded training works. Availability and specifications of funded training change frequently.

Employers have a range of options for providing personnel with training and qualifications. Employer case studies:

Steve of Steve’s Drilling has 4 employees (and he is an owner-operator). His new client requires him to demonstrate competence of personnel.

  • Steve, the owner-operator, has 18 years of experience drilling and runs the business as well. (He can apply for a Diploma in Drilling Operations.)
  • One offsider is doing the DICAT course. (He could apply for a Certificate II)
  • One new offsider just hired already has a Certificate II, and has experience as an assistant driller. (He may be able to apply for a Certificate III)
  • The driller has 9 years experience. He completed his DICAT Course a while ago. (He can apply for a Certificate III, and even may be at Certificate IV)

Steve contacts ADITC to ask about an assessor to come to site to assess the driller and offsiders for award of qualifications; and for an RCC Kit to get his own portfolio together for a Diploma.

Bigg Drilling Co has its own structured training program and has in-house trainers and assessors.

  • The company trains and assesses its personnel using its in-house trainers
  • The assessors are registered with ADITC. The assessors use the assessment tools required to record assessment.

ADITC audits these completed records and, where people are competent, issues the qualification (or asks for any necessary additional documentation).