Screens and Gravel Pack Course & Muds Techniques Course

Cairns (QLD)

Premises of Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM)

Screens 1 & 2 May And Muds 3 & 4 May 2018

Geelong (VIC)

Geelong Conference Centre

Screens 3 & 4 Jul And Muds 5 & 6 Jul 2018

Perth (WA)


Screens 4 & 5 Sep And Muds 6 & 7 Sep 2018

Adelaide (SA)


Screens 13 & 14 Nov And Muds 15 & 16 Nov 2018

4 days

Specialised Face-to-Face Training Programs

Selection of courses may be made from our existing courses or customised specifically to your requirements. Existing courses and objectives are set out below. Prices are available on request, contact us to book:

Screens and Gravel Packs – a 2 day course – Partnered by:

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  • How to design, drill and develop a highly efficient water bore
  • Identification of types of screens in current use – their advantages and disadvantages
  • How to conduct an accurate sieve analysis
  • Effective screen installation methods
  • When and how to effect natural and artificial gravel packing
  • Effective methods of well development
  • The use and requirements for test pumping
  • Appropriate rehabilitation procedures

Mud Techniques and Tests – a 2 day course – Partnered by:

  • Understand the elements of the circulating system
  • Be aware of all of the functions of drilling fluid
  • Know the different properties of a drilling fluid and the significance of these properties
  • Be aware of the choice of drilling fluids
  • Understand the components of drilling muds and the difference between clay and polymer muds
  • Know which chemical and why chemicals are added to muds
  • Establish the drilling mud criteria for clean and stable holes
  • Know how to maintain and condition mud
  • Be able to choose the most suitable mud type for a particular application
  • Understand why and how to test muds
  • Be aware of potential down-hole problems and how to combat them