Cement grouting of drilled holes – and training in doing it available RIGHT NOW in Australia

Feb 20, 2018

Cement grouting is vital is stabilising and sealing boreholes. It’s the way to assist effective production of water, and oil and gas, and to control the high pressures encountered – for example in the Great Artesian Basin which underlies about 23% of Australia’s land mass.

Cement grouting seals the formation to prevent any fluid movement through it, and consolidates the formation to allow a stable hole to be drilled through. It avoids waste of water and reinforces the hole against pressure.

This matters because a good seal

  • prevents contamination of the aquifers from surface water
  • prevents contamination of the surface waters themselves from water coming up from the borehole
  • and protects potable and saline aquifers and other components of the formation from one another.

ADITC offers the only Cement Grouting Course in Australasia. It’s held in Darwin, Northern Territory, easily accessible by air directly from Asia Pacific areas (and it’s peak Barramundi fishing season in the Northern Territory …). Held annually over 2 days, it has a theory component strongly supported by at-rig practical experience.

You need to act NOW because the 2018 course is being on Monday and Tuesday March 5th and 6th 2018.

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When you don’t want this to happen, you want a competent cement grouting:


This ADITC course includes practical experience. It covers:

More information about the course:

  • Occupational Health & Safety with regard to grouting operations
  • Equipment, materials and additives used for grouting operations
  • Grouting techniques and procedures
  • Maths and calculations required to successfully plan and complete grouting operations
  • Properties of grouting fluids and additives
  • Use of grouting in bore design and bore construction, and bore decommissioning
  • National minimum bore construction requirements in regard to grout use and standards

Content also aligns to components of the National Water-well Drillers Licence Examinations for Classes 1, 2 and 3, but the requirement to cement grout holes applies to many sectors of drilling.