ADITC impending wind-down

May 24, 2018

This is to advise that after over 35 years of service to the drilling industry as a benevolent body for the drilling industry, the ADITC (Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee) will close our doors.

After extensive effort and consideration of the financial challenges facing the ADITC, the Directors have resolved to commence a structured and orderly winding down of the ADITC that minimises disruption to the industry and our stakeholders.

ADITC has achieved a number of the objects for which we were established as a benevolent body for the Drilling Industry,  for example

  • to develop, improve, encourage, foster and implement systematic training for employment of any nature within the Drilling Industry in Australia
  • to carry out surveys and research and compile information and reports relating to the training requirements of the industry
  • to provide continuing and coordinated guidance and advice on the development of training in the industry
  • to encourage the employment of trained training officers within the industry and the appointment by individual companies operating in the industry of persons who are responsible for manpower development and training.

We thank you for the industry support which has sustained ADITC over more than 35 years, enabling us to provide direction for drilling industry vocational training, industry services for driller licensing advice and examinations, and maintain our role as a quality and authoritative provider of national vocational qualifications while being a moderator of pricing for vocational training and qualifications. We apologise that we must stop providing services, and for the disruption that this may cause you.

Importantly, winding down of ADITC will mean closure of the Registered Training Organisation which ADITC maintains which issues national drilling qualifications. This registration cannot be transferred to another body.  After the RTO’s closure, records for people with a USI number will be available from Records of qualifications gained from ADITC  from 1998 prior to the start of USI numbers in January 2015, will be available from the national qualifications authority, ASQA. Traineeships may be transferred to another RTO with appropriate scope.

Driller licensing examinations have been entrusted to ADITC since 1992 by the National Uniform Driller Licensing Committee, and are still an industry need. However at the closure of our organisation, state and territory regulators will need to decide what to do about driller licensing examinations in their respective jurisdictions. We are not yet aware what that arrangement will be. At this early stage it is unclear to us where records will be held, but we expect to provide that information.

ADITC holds records of all Screens and Gravel Packing Courses, Mud Techniques and Tests courses and Cement Grouting courses since their inception in 1982.  At this early stage it is unclear to us where these records will be held, but we expect to provide that information in June 2018.

DICAT Courses formed the mainstay of drilling training before the national qualification framework came into existence and have continued by be a strong industry-based training since. If you need your records for driller licensing purposes, or for your own records of evidence of past training please ask us.

We wish to provide notice so that you are able to urgently complete things you may have in progress or manage your records.

We again thank you very much for the support you have provided to ADITC over our years and apologise for the unavoidable disruption that this may cause you.

Our website will continue to point you to where to find any services which continue.

Virginia Hilliard
Chief Executive Officer

Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee Ltd
PO Box 742 LANE COVE NSW 2066
Ph:   (02) 9428 3444 / +61 2 9428 3444
Fax: (02) 9428 3555