ADITC Full Committee membership – two positions are offered, one is open this year for 2018

Nov 10, 2017

ADITC is a not-for-profit industry body which has an interest and remit in assisting the whole drilling industry to professionalise its practices.   We have Representative Members from all the relevant associations in the industry, and Ordinary Members with expertise in particular aspects of the industry.

ADITC is offering the opportunity to two senior personnel in drilling companies of any size in any sector of drilling to become members of the Full Committee of ADITC.

A maximum of two positions will be offered in any year. Duration of membership would normally be two years, renewable. Applicants’ information will be provided to the Board members to review. Applying does not guarantee selection, but all applicants will receive a reply.

For 2018 a position is vacant due to the completion of term of Tim Morris, Principal Advisor Safety, Projects, HSEC Support, Rio Tinto. ADITC has greatly appreciated the support, perspective  and input Tim has provided in the past two years in this capacity.

What’s involved in holding the position?

The role involves two meetings a year (which may be held in any state) at which members provide a brief report in their sector of drilling expertise and participate in strategic industry discussions. From time to time information may be provided, or request for information in the member’s area of expertise  may be made out of session.

There is no remuneration for this role. The role should not be seen as an opportunity to market goods, services or any political agenda. 

What would Full Committee members gain?

It is a unique opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of the drilling industry as a whole, to both give and get industry information at a senior level, and to gain insight into other sectors. All the sectors of drilling and all the associations in the drilling industry participate in the Board and Full Committee, including oil and gas, CSG, waterwell, mineral exploration, environmental, geotechnical, piling and foundation, blast hole drilling and trenchless drilling amongst the twelve.

ADITC has a strong interest in assisting the industry to achieve consistency of requirements and outcomes of training, qualifications and related compliance across state borders.   We value input which can assist us in supporting companies and individuals in our industry to come to consistently high standards of professionalism across Australia.

How do people apply?

Please provide the Chief Executive Officer with a written document which gives the following information:

  • Your name, current position, contact information.
  • Length of time in the drilling industry
  • What sector/s of the industry you have worked in
  • What you feel you have contributed to the industry
  • What you believe you can contribute to ADITC.


Virginia Hilliard Chief Executive Officer
Australian Drilling industry Training Committee Ltd
10th  November 2017