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National Waterwell Drillers Licensing System
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Qualifications and Units RII09
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Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee (ADITC) is a not-for-profit industry organisation that exists to improve the skills and professionalism of the industry – in our own industry’s eyes, in the eyes of our contract principals, and in public perception. Our Board is formed by the Presidents and Chairmen of the drilling associations in all drilling sectors (oil and gas, waterwell, mineral exploration and mineral production, coal seam gas, environmental, geothermal, foundation/construction, blast hole, trenchless technology, seismic, geotechnical).

We have been in continuous operation since 1978.

ADITC maintains an embedded Registered Training Organisation with formal accreditation to train and to issue national Australian qualifications to people at all levels and in all sectors of the drilling industry.

Chief Executive Officer Virginia Hilliard
PO Box 742 Lane Cove NSW
Email: office@aditc.com.au
Phone: 02 9428 3444 Fax: 02 9428 3555
International phone: +61 2 9428 3444

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Waterwell Driller’s Licence

Minimum Construction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia Edn 3